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Fitbit Flex

Project type

Structure, Graphics, Packaging

Fitbit is a San Francisco based company that offers stylish, wearable activity trackers. The final deliverable was packaging system that enabled a uniform design amongst 4 different products—Charge, Flex, One, and Zip—while highlighting the slim, and stylish aesthetic of each device.

By using a clear material, these packages show off the FitBit devices and giving consumers a great sense of how small they really are and how easily it can fit into their life.

The Flex and Charge packaging is immediately recognized for its unique, 360˚ view of the product. All products utilize a clear, injection molded polycarbonate material to present the device as if it’s floating. When the consumer opens the box, it’s reveals a hinged door that lifts to reveal a quick start guide and a thermoform plastic tray that comfortably fit all accessory items.

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